Time Heals?

"Time heals all wounds".

I beg to differ.

Unfortunately, it is not time that heals our wounds. And we cannot avoid, drink, smoke, shop, or eat it away. Deflecting, criticizing, shaming, avoiding, passing the blame, or using someone else as our emotional punching bag also does not help heal our wounds. We know it to be true, yet so many of us turn to outside sources as our means for "working through things" or "healing".

But this is not healing at all. Sure, it may mask the pain for a little bit. It may serve as a distraction for a little bit, but it does not heal.

I know this because I've been there. I know this because I've witnessed it. And if you are being honest with yourself I imagine you have too.

Family, friends, and support systems are beautiful blessings, but even they cannot heal our wounds for us.

What we need to heal our wounds is not found outside of us. Healing requires us to shift inward. It requires awareness. Healing requires us to become aware of our triggers, the hurt that we hold, the trauma, the scars. It requires us to recognize & identify. It must be felt, but it must not be held onto. It requires love, self-love. It requires kindness and compassion towards oneself as we learn to let go, cut-ties, and break generational patterns.

Healing has no time line. It is different for each of us. It is work, a lot of hard work, but you are worth it.

Allow yourself to become vulnerable. Seek guidance from professionals. Allow yourself to heal so that you are able to truly experience the joys in life. You are worthy of feeling peace & contentment just as I am.

Written with so much love and support to you on your healing journey

Peace. Love. and lots of Happiness

Berkleigh Diaz

Professional Resources:

Bethann McIntosh, Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Journey of the Heart

Chrissy Ehrhart, Sound Therapist/Sound Healer, Reiki Master

Farah VanGenderen, Therapy Services

Jenny Lind, Certified Yoga Therapist-CIAYT

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