Make it a Mindful Morning!

3 easy practices you can do at home in 10 minutes

Alarm sounds: wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, feed kids, feed animals, drink coffee, school time, work time, errands, afterschool activities, make dinner, feed kids, feed animals, read, showers, bedtime...


Can you relate?

Of course you can. It's the world we live in. So much do this, do that. At what point during your day did you take a break to breathe? Intentionally breathe I mean. Did you stretch? Did you step outside to stare at the sky or feel the Earth beneath your feet?

We spend so much time moving from task to task but feel guilty when we take anytime for stillness and rest. It's no wonder most of us experience feelings of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion on a weekly basis.

While I can't magically add more hours to your day, I can give you simple exercises to add to your daily routine that will leave you feeling a little less stressed and a little more grounded, focused, and overall happier!

And maybe you are thinking, "I have no more time to give" And I understand that feeling, trust me I do. But, I am asking you to trust me when I say, take 10 minutes in the morning to try some of the following Yoga & Mindfulness practices and reap the benefits all day.

Set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier to allow yourself time to practice one or all of mindfulness practices below!

Yoga & Mindfulness Practices to add to your morning routine:

  1. Start your day with a grateful heart. Instead of making your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning, make it your journal. Spend the first part of your day writing down at least three things you are grateful for. Notice how daily feelings of gratitude spill into your week leaving you with a happy heart. (Also try changing the way you speak to yourself and out loud. Whenever you find yourself saying the words "I have to" make a quick correction and re say it with "I get to". For example: Maybe you haven't landed your dream job yet, BUT the fact that you get to go to work everyday is certainly something to be grateful for!)

  2. Mindfully drink your morning coffee or tea. Again, instead of picking up the phone to scroll through Facebook or Instagram while you drink your morning coffee or tea, use this time to mindfully drink it and be fully present. Notice the way your body and mind feel prior to pouring your first cup. Intentionally choose your mug. Smell every aroma. Listen to your coffee brew. Slowly and mindfully pour your cup of coffee or tea, bet you don't spill it this time! Wrap your hands around your mug and feel the warmth sit with that feeling for a moment. Smell your coffee or tea before taking a sip. Take small sips, allowing the drink to linger around the mouth for a moment before swallowing. Take deep breaths between every few sips. Really enjoy your morning pick me up!

  3. Move your body. No, you do not have to go to a 90 minute Yoga or Pilates class every morning to feel good. If your a busy mom like me, you simply have no time for it most days, but you can get your body moving even if for only ten minutes. Try this 10 min. flow and repeat it daily in the morning to start your day a little more grounded. Take time in each pose to feel your body and notice the thoughts running through your mind. (Take notice, this also requires NO cell phone usage unless you are using it to play meditative music). Childs Pose > Table Top > Cat/Cows > Downward Facing Dog > Forward Fold > Mountain > Tree Pose > Forward Fold > Table Top > Seated Forward Fold > Bridge Pose > Reclined Butterfly

Start small. Choose one of the above Yoga & Mindfulness practices to start infusing into your morning routine. Set the alarm clock ten minutes earlier and commit. I am confident you will be happy you did!

Have the best week!


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