Laugh it Out

Laugh it out. Angry? Sad? Happy? Annoyed? Bored? Doesn't matter.

L A U G H. I T. O U T.

Remember that belly rolling laughter you experienced as a kid, or maybe the last time you had a really good night out with friends? The kind that hurts your cheeks, gives you stomach cramps, and if you don't stop soon you might end up peeing your pants? I do! And sometimes I wonder why the heck I don't laugh more.

No question life can be stressful, and we all handle our stresses different. And maybe every situation doesn't call for laughter, BUT let's be honest here, we also allow little mishaps, minor miscommunications, and unintentional hurt to turn our world upside down. Next time, instead of responding with an eye roll (my personal go-to), a slammed door, a scream, or by ignoring, do yourself a favor and try laughing. Yes, I am serious here! The next time you feel your teeth start to clench or your blood start to boil, LAUGH IT OUT.

Laughter is proven to stimulate organs, soothe tension, improve your mood, improve your immune system, and relieve your stress response. Laughter carries both mental & physical benefits.

Imagine being in a fight with your husband/wife, child, or a co-worker, and you bust out in a hilarious fit of laughter. Before you know it your both laughing and maybe you even forget what it is you were fighting about.

Or, the next time your child is down (you know the look), tell them a joke, smother them with tickles, laugh it out together.

And when your feeling sad, or just off, let yourself laugh. Think of something funny, just start laughing, watch how quickly your little giggle turns into a long fit of laughter, don't hold back and don't worry whose watching, but notice how good it feels to smile and laugh. And do it some more!

Making Laughter Part of your Day:

*If you have children or grandchildren, create "laughing time". Lie down on your backs and let one of you place your head on the others belly (you will switch once done so both of you get to try).

If there is more than 2 people even better! Create an entire train of laughter. Each person will rest their head on someone else's belly.

Choose someone to start it off. They start laughing, you feel & hear their laughter and you start laughing it's so contagious. And now you are all laughing!

But be careful, this may just become a favorite activity in your house.

*Try a laughter greeting. Another one that can become a little family tradition. Make your first greeting to each other in the morning a silly laugh. Even the grumpiest can't help but smile.

*Silent Laughter. Can you do it? Open your mouth wide and laugh without making a noise! Others can make silly faces or just notice the way the silent laugher's face changes.

*Laughter Response: Starting making a point to let laughter be your response to all things you perceive as negative. This will be a practice. But the next time you want to cry, yell, or hide, laugh!

I hope your days, weeks, and years are filled with lots of smiles and laughter!

L A U G H. I T. O U T.


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