A Ripple Effect

In a world where things appear to be so divided, a world where many leaders, media outlets, and social platforms thrive on negativity & divisiveness, I find it extra important to search for the good. In fact, I all out refuse to give my attention to such negativity. And while not everyone operates this way, and some may say I live in a bubble, I say I live with my eyes wide open. Taking in every itsy bitsy bit of beauty I can find. And this morning was no exception.

I frequent at Dunkin (bad habit I know, but I haven't figured out how to give up coffee, YET). This morning, being that I need to restock my refrigerator, I offered to also grab breakfast for my children. Well if you are local and you also frequent at the Berlin Dunkin you know exactly how the line looks at 7 AM every morning. LLLLOOONNNNGGGG.

A long line from Dunkin to the street.

If you frequent at this Dunkin you also understand that the design of the drive through is really NOT ideal.

Anyways, I turn into the parking lot and get in line. I look to my left and there is a vehicle stopped. Because it's 7 AM ish the sun is beaming on me (beautiful by the way) and I can't tell if this car is parked or waiting patiently to also access the never ending Dunkin line. I roll my window down, do a little head bobbing, up and down, and side to side. I finally catch eyes with the woman inside the car and obnoxiously lip, "Are you trying to get in line"? She gives a nod yes, with a defeated look.

So with multiple cars behind me at this point the line begins to move, there is a little space between myself and the car in front. I wave her over and let her get in line in front of me.

No superhero here.

And as your reading this, you are probably thinking, "Duh, that is what any nice person would do".

Well fast forward to ordering. I place my order. The lady whom I let over is in front of me and she is now paying. My windows are down because it's a beautiful day. As I am waiting for my turn to pay I see her reach for more cash, and then hear her say something along the lines of "I just want to say thank you. She was the only person to let me in line while everyone else kept driving".

Now I realize she is talking about me and she totally just paid for my entire order.

She finishes paying and drives away. I pull up and the girl at the counter hands me my food and coffees, and confirms she did pay for my meal. Feeling all the good feels I hand her my card and ask her to pay for the person behind me. My hope is that we just started one of those fun chain reactions.

But if we didn't, if the person behind me did not continue the trend that is ok too.

The purpose for sharing this story with you is to point out that nothing extraordinary took place this morning. Nothing required extra effort, a superhero power, or grand gesture. It was a super simple act. It required only that I not be in such a hurry that I completely ignore my neighbor in the car beside me. A simple act of kindness which had a ripple effect. At the very least it positively affected 3 individuals (myself, the lady I let in front of me, and the gentlemen I paid for) and if the car behind me continued to pass the good will it may have affected many many more.

The purpose for sharing this story with you is to point out that you too can affect others around you in a positive way every day with simple acts of kindness. Simple gestures like a smile or a compliment.

In a world that feels divisive please join me in spreading kindness to all of our neighbors. Do not let the negativity that pops up on your news feeds and evening news alter the way that you see the world. Continue to find the beauty all around you. Leave your house with eyes wide open. Do not be in such a hurry to get from point A to point B that you ignore or turn a blind eye to the lady patiently waiting in the car beside you. Do not miss the opportunity to spread a little love, a little kindness. And when you do share your kindness with others know that your acts of kindness have a powerful ripple effect.

Be beautifully kind.

Love & Light

Berkleigh Diaz, Happiness & Health Motivator

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